Explore The Galápagos Islands in Grace Kelly’s Yacht

  • January 16, 2018

Once upon a time, there was a Princess named Grace from Monaco who sailed the azure seas on a lavish yacht that held parties for what were considered the highest of high profile people in all the land. The hostess with the mostest had the most grandiose events that could put all Titanic party scenes to shame. After all, while Titanic had nothing but a vast ocean of nothingness and a malevolent iceberg as a backdrop, Grace had a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean. As for family holidays, while we all know how those ended for our Titanic-sailing friends (yikes), Princess Grace spent hers peacefully cruising between the Italian and French Rivieras.

I think we all know who wins here.

Fast forward to  2 owners and a few stagnant years later, the legendary Grace is back and ready for business once again. Now under the care of Quasar Expeditions, a small-group adventure company who specializes in cruises along Ecuador, Peru, Patagonia, and of course the Galápagos Islands, the fully refurbished Grace is ready to take you on the most glamorous sailing experience of your life. In an interview with Vogue magazine, Quasar owner Dolores Diez states that the process of refurbishing the yacht and bringing it back to its original splendor was quite a challenge.

“We used the original blueprints for the hull and technical areas, and took into consideration her former looks but used modern materials to provide her with the latest requirements on safety and make her more environmentally friendly,” she states.

Photo by Quasar Expeditions
Photo by Quasar Expeditions

Now polished, sleek, and luxuriously designed, the Grace is more alive than ever before. Sail as Aristotle Onassis, Grace Kelly, and Prince Rainier of Monaco once did and experience the splendor of the Galápagos Islands in this small, private space that can house an exclusive 25 guests only.

The Grade Kelly Suite. Photo by Quasar Expeditions.
The Grade Kelly Suite. Photo by Quasar Expeditions.

Upon booking, make sure to get the new Grace Kelly suite, aptly situated where Grace Kelly’s former suite used to be back in the 1950’s. The space also features contemporary decor by award winning designer Adriana Hoyos, and is considered the largest in the yacht. Rates for 2018 range from $7,500 – $8,900/person, depending on the season; This includes accommodations for 8 days and 7 nights, all meals and snacks, all transfers while in Galápagos, guided services throughout the cruise, non-alcoholic beverages, snorkeling gear, wetsuits, and sea kayaks.


To those who have aspired to live that Grace Kelly kind of life, this is your chance. Sail as the royals once did in true Lifestyle Asia fashion.

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by Samantha Masigan